The Founder, CEO, Producer, Songwriter, and Music Artist for MAC.J Records.


Marland Jones AKA "M.A.C.J" is an upcoming artist, producer, and songwriter for MAC.J Records. Although he doesn't showcase his singing much, his ability to play instruments, speaks for him. Marland loves music; that's just a fact. From music producing to live performing, Marland is very passionate about his craft. He produces in his home studio with new material almost every day. He is currently a college student at Norfolk State University. He makes his first debut with his singles "Get Ready" and "Light Flash". He began playing piano at the age of 2 while being taught by his father, Marlow Jones. His first talent show took place at Prince George High School at the age of 5 and he won 1st place over nine performers in the talent show. Marland Jones and his father performed at various live events. At the age of 11, Marland and his dad performed at their first Community Jazz Festival in Downtown Petersburg on Halifax Rd. They've been performing at the Community Jazz Festival over ten years, giving astonishing shows every year. Stay tuned for more work from our artist M.A.C.J!



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