M.A.C.J's album is set to release on August 14 on ALL digital platforms! He gives a brief backstory on his upcoming album "In Real Life"!

"This was an anticipating album project that I’ve been working on for about four years. During the first three years, I’ve been having major creativity blockage with this project and at that time could only get maybe about two songs. There wasn’t enough happening for me at that time to dig deeper into myself just to write songs like that. So I eventually ended up taking a hiatus from the project and just working on other stuff aside from the album project. Timing is EVERYTHING and I’m grateful for that because by me taking time out to focus on life, ideas were just beginning to flow. I would get all sorts of melodies in my head and would hurry to record them. By the time I got home or to campus, I’d record myself a quick session, and then later that week or so, I’d continue to work on those ideas. I had to have at least 14 songs which gave me more hope for my album. I titled the album “In Real Life” based on the life experiences that I’ve gone through and the songs explain some of that. Although all songs didn’t quite make the cut, I think the selections made are still pretty decent for the album."
"Being that I am a broke college student, I had to make things work the best way I could with the skills I acquired lol. I’ve written and produced every song on this album as well as mix and master this project. I’m feeling confident about this album and I hope that the listeners will enjoy it."

Stay tuned for more updates!

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